What you need to know about Wingfoiling

When it comes down to sport activities, there are hundreds of types you can choose from, and one of the few that are still yet to be known to the whole world is Wingfoiling. It is one of the sliding sports that was recently invented and its practitioners are constantly increasing. This new practice is quickly securing a spot for itself among the nautical sports. Stick around to find out more about this new sport activity.

What is Wingfoiling and why practice it?

Wingfoiling, which principle is similar to that of kitesurfing and windsurfing, is the type of nautical sport that implies standing on a board that has a foil with a wing in your hands. The wing is similar to a kite, which helps you gain speed and as a result create a lift force. The increasing popularity of this sport has even brought about the very first GWA Wingfoil World Cup, which will be held in Greece in 2023. The event will gather the best Wingfoilers from all over the world to compete for a price for the very first time in history. The practice of this sport is appreciated first of all due to its ease. The equipment is quite minimalist. You can stock all of the gear you need in one bag and setting it up is very easy as well. Also, you don’t need much wind or a certain wave condition to be able to practice your sport. Even with the least amount of wind or wave, you can still surf. It is even the best condition for beginners to learn wingfoiling.

Can anyone practice Wingfoiling ?

This sport activity is accessible to most people even if they have no prior experience with gliding sports. Based on the fact that it is a brand-new sport, it might be tricky to learn, but with the appropriate assistance it is possible to quickly get the hand of it. The equipment isn’t very expensive as well. For a complete Wingfoiling kit, you should have a budget between 2 500 and 2 700 dollars.