What role do parapets play?

In the architectural world, there are several construction models when it comes to roof renovation. To make your roof useful, you have the possibility of completing the parapets if you have a flat roof. This is possible in architecture and also in construction. But, many people are unaware of the importance of parapets. So, you will have to discover in this guide the role played by the acroterion.

The parapet: what is it?

When we talk about parapets, we often refer to small walls that have the ability to put a facade above the roof vertically. For more details on acroteria, go to the Source of information on this site. Indeed, the parapets raise vertically the sealing coatings of the flat roofs and the insulation. This is a job that is done on the inside of the roofs. The realization of the work is a little difficult, whether in insulation or in waterproofing. So, the best alternative you have is to proceed with a coating placed on a flat roof. Adopting this coating model saves you certain risks such as accumulation, infiltration and thermal bridges. For this, it is important to ensure the protection of your waterproofing covering, in particular the upper strip, against infiltration.

How important is the parapet in terms of aesthetics

There are several ways to extend the facade by the acroterion wall. It is done at least 15 cm above the level of the roof. At this stage, we are talking about low parapets. However, you have the option of increasing the height of the front to 30 cm. From there, we speak of the high acroterion. The parapet helps you improve the aesthetics of your construction by acting on the life of the coatings. This coating model has fall protection devices. If you wish to have more information on the aesthetic value of acroteria, contact the professionals. In addition, it should be noted that you have the possibility of fixing the protective devices on the parapet.