What can we say about the pharmacology of kratom?

There are several types of plants or trees that have a dubious origin in terms of narcotics or even drugs. But at the same time, it is very common to notice that these plants or trees are also used in pharmaceutical processes or in the development or manufacture of medical tablets. So, we wonder if this is also the case with the kratom plant. You will therefore have in the continuation of this reading a clairvoyance on the pharmacology of kratom.

What can be said generally about the pharmacology of kratom?

First of all, when we talk about pharmacology of a thing, it is everything that this thing can do to the health of man in positive as well as in negative. Here is a site that can provide you with much more information: https://www.factsyoumustknow.com/. Here, it is to give in brief or in general all that the kratom does to the man of negative or positive. Indeed, Kratom in the course of its preparation contains many phytochemicals which in turn have varying proportions. The effects of kratom on man depend in truth on the dose of kratom consumed by the individual.

The effects of kratom consumed at a low and high dose

When Kratom is consumed at an estimated dose of 50 to 100 mg (a low dose with respect to the consumption of kratom in this instance) by an individual, the effects that are observed in that individual include: good work capacity, good alertness, increased sociability, and a sometimes intense sexual desire. But when the individual consumes kratom at a dose estimated between 10 to 30 g (a strong dose with regard to the consumption of kratom in this case) the effects are observed in the individual are among others: contraction of the pupils, dizziness, nausea, calmness, dreamy state, feeling of euphoria... which can last up to 6 hours.