What are the respective advantages of a call centre and a contact centre?

In order to solidify the link between the brand and the customers, companies make sure they have impeccable customer service. This service is managed by a call centre staffed by customer advisors. Today, digital channels have emerged and communication models have changed. Thus, some call centres have become contact centres. However, both services aim to provide a better customer experience. Apart from this benefit, there are other interests to be gained from these channels. Let's take a closer look at the potential benefits.

The call centre

This modern service is designed to save advisers time during their service. Call centres actually allow a high volume of calls to be handled. When I, as a customer, ask the company about a concern, the customer advisors will give me my response.

Call centres are digital channels that guarantee fast and efficient service. Voice server technology makes it easy by directing callers to qualified and available agents. Whatever the type of request, the self-service is ready to provide a rapid response. All of this is to save customers from having to wait in long lines.

Another great advantage of this service is that it saves money. Unlike contact centres, call centres are less expensive when it comes to maintenance. Being based in the cloud, they become very economical in terms of budget as well as hardware.

The contact centre

As an alternative to call centres, contact centres also offer a plethora of benefits. They can effectively track the preferences of prospects. Indeed, their mission is to adapt to the needs of customers in order to communicate with them on their preferred networks. By offering customers an unlimited choice of digital channels, they can interact with their brand at any time. This way, they enjoy a seamless experience even when switching between channels.

In addition, contact centres are using chatbots (AI) to increase self-service efficiency. This is one of the most effective ways for a company's brand to remain active on digital networks today. Customers can now use instant messaging and web pages freely. No matter how dense the requests and how complicated the questions, chatbots are ready to give quick and reliable answers.