Tips for organizing your child’s birthday

Preparing a child’s birthday takes a lot of creativity and a children’s birthday guide is perfect for a successful party. These celebrations represent important events for our toddlers who are impatiently awaiting them. From the choice of the date and place of the party, including the number of guests, cake and other delicacies, decoration, choice of theme, activities, entertainment and games, everything must be perfectly orchestrated for this exceptional day. In this article, we offer you advice on how to organize your child’s birthday party without panicking and without forgetting anything

Choose the date, day and time

When you know your child’s birthday is approaching, you need to get started with the preparations and if you want to organize it of course. So if you’re looking for ideas, find out here now. So, the first thing to do is to choose a convenient date. You can choose a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon rather than a vacation day to limit absenteeism. As for the schedules, there is no point in overdoing it, count an afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., for example. Once all of these are set and your child is up and running, make a small list with them. Encourage him to mix boys and girls, but remember to count 5% negative responses and limit the number of participants depending on the space you have to offer. Sometimes a successful small party is better than a big disorganized party. It is after that that you can distribute the invitation cards.

Choose the location : outside or at home

When it comes to where the party will take place, there are several options, if not two, available to you. More and more restaurants and theme parks are offering special offers for children’s birthdays. Laser game, bowling, Karaoke and more. You can opt for these. Depending on the plans, the age of your children and the number of guests, choose a location that best suits your needs and your budget. With your budget, you can find a perfect place for your child to have fun and have fun celebrating another year, without having to tire yourself out. However, if you want to organize your child’s birthday party at home, you can opt for the dining room or the living room, in short the main room of your home. It is perhaps better to store valuables in another room (vases, paintings and perhaps even hi-fi equipment) and remove some bulky furniture (coffee table, sideboard…). And so, well before guests arrive, remember to put fragile items in a safe place, and possibly protect your couch by covering it with a large sheet. This is especially important if you are planning messy activities, such as a paint shop for example. However, there are much less risky and equally popular games, such as treasure hunts and musical chairs.

Decorative ideas for a thematic child’s birthday

It remains to set the scene. Balloons, garlands, pennants mark the entrance to the house and decorate the walls. On the sound system plays a CD of music for children. A table has been set up for afternoon tea : cardboard service and paper napkins on the same theme (Harry Potter, Cars, unicorn, jungle, Minnie). Not to mention the bowls filled with sweets, decanters of sodas and juice, cakes, party favors and surprise gift bags (pens, bubble bottles, toy cars) at each location. Make sure that the time for candles and gifts does not go on forever : it could take away from the good atmosphere. When it comes to birthday gifts, you can choose either in the shape of a unicorn, a soccer field, animals, or pirates. And the children are in a hurry : to blow out their candles, like grown-ups, surrounded by family and classmates. If you have the soul of a chef, try making one of these delicious sugar paste recipes to please your child.