Passenger Tracking Form: What is it and how to get it ?

On a daily basis, thousands of trips and movements are observed around the world. The safety of people and goods should be guaranteed to each of them, therefore certain measures must absolutely be taken. The passenger location form is the best means of control that deserves to be discovered.

What is the passenger location form ?

When you want to travel to certain countries, especially those in Zone D, you have to fill out a passenger location form. This site will give you more details. In fact, the passenger location form is included in the list of documents that you must have in order to travel, as it allows you to guarantee the security of the territory. 
The advent of covid 19 has undoubtedly increased the importance of this form, as it allows today to find in an emergency any person who has entered the territory and could be a possible threat to the inhabitants. Countries such as Italy and Malta have made it a key piece of information or a mandatory pass to enter their territory, whether by plane or boat. 

How to get a passenger location form ?

The procedure for obtaining a passenger location form is simple. It is done online on sites provided by each host country. Once on the site, the form will be submitted to you and you fill it out. You will receive it in PDF format by email in order to print it and show it to each boarding. 
Note that you will need a justification of a negative covid 19 test, the exact time of your stay in that foreign country, a summary of the destinations of your previous trips. However, depending on the country you are going to, the list of documents or information to be provided for the passenger tracking form changes.