How to make a protein shake at home for bodybuilding ?

To optimize your workout, you need to pay attention to your diet. Consuming a protein shake is better for your bodybuilding. How to make a Protein Shake at home? What are the best protein shakes for bodybuilding. In this article, find out all the information on how to prepare the Protein Shake. 

The recipe for the Fat Burner Shake

To start preparing your Fat Burner Shake, you must have the basic ingredients. It is important to have: 25 cl of coffee, 2 tablespoons of skim milk powder, 5 ice cubes, a teaspoon of cocoa powder, 120 g of yogurt without chocolate. With all this product arrangement, your Fat Burner Shake will be pleasant for your body. Take advantage of our Shake resources at any time of the day.
Start by mixing coffee, milk powder and aspartame to your dose. Adding ice, pour everything into the blender and leave until the ice is completely mixed. Slow down the speed of the blender adding yogurt, cocoa powder and whey to the mixture. Enjoy the good flavor of coffee and give your body more energy.

The recipe for the Chocolate Caramel Protein Shake

To prepare a Shake with caramel flavor provides maximum calorie and protein. This recipe requires as ingredients: 30 g of chocolate and caramel according to your preference, 2 white cheeses, 1 unsweetened cocoa powder, 200 cl of almond milk without sugar, 1 date, 5 ice cubes. 
Everything is finally ready, prepare your Shake by mixing all the ingredient in your mixer. Let it grind until you get a smooth liquid. Arrange the mixture in a glass and decorate with peanuts or crumbs. You can also match by adding to your shake 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or 1 teaspoon of cocoa, and even honey or agave syrup. Enjoy a blended taste of chocolate and caramel and give energy and vitality to your body.