FDA finds Johnson & Johnson 'very' Safe

After a trial about the potency of the vaccine, the Federal drug agency has approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The vaccine passed several tests which satisfy the FDA board. 

FDA approves Johnson & Johnson vaccine 

After careful analysis by US health regulators, they have found that the one-shot Johnson vaccine has a safe option, particularly against serious cases of COVID-19. This has given a green light for a third COVID-19 jab to be authorized in America, possibly before next Monday. The Johnson vaccine is seen as a cheaper alternative to Pfizer-BioNTech and Modena and has flexible storage capabilities as it can be stored in a freezer. 

This health review was positive and more detailed than its previous competitors. The FDA said that the vaccine has great benefits in mitigating symptomatic and serious illness by the infectious. The trials and results from the vaccine were done in America, South Africa, and Brazil and found that it was efficient against the worst scenario of the virus.

It also offers good protection against strains from Brazil and South Africa. A review showed it was more than 88% potent at stopping the virus, but its overall result was just 67% on medium cases. There were no fatalities among volunteers that got the vaccine and none was bedridden. Another external committee of analysts will have to ratify if the FDA should give the go-ahead for its administration in the US. 

Johnson & Johnson to donate vaccines to the US 

On Wednesday, Johnson & Johnson stated that it may likely donate 4 million doses when the vaccines are approved. The pharmaceutical firm plans to roll out more than 21 million doses before the march, in line with an agreement they had with the US government in supplying 110 million doses before July. 

Apart from its one-shot application which takes it above Modena and Pfizer-BioNTech, it will need a few appointments and staff. More than 66 million Americans have already gotten jabs of vaccines, and more than 1.2 million will be given daily.