Chinese Court says husband must pay his wife for housework

In a historic judgment, a Chinese court has told a man to pay his wife for housekeeping duties. Inna's divorce ruling, the man was accused of neglecting house duties.

Chinese man told to pay wife for house chores 

A court in Beijing has mandated a man to pay his spouse for all her job during their marriage. According to the judge, the wife in question must receive 55,000 yuan for the years spent unpaid Labor. This case has generated so much uproar and on the internet on the exact value of house chores. 

While some are insisting that the money is little, others say it isn't enough. This judgment comes after the Chinese government introduced a new law about house chores. The court records state that the man filed for separation from his wife after they tied the knot in 2014  The man known as Chen married his wife according to Chinese law. 

Although it was the man who initiated the divorce, the wife initially didn't budge. But after some time, she insisted she will only agree to the divorce, she was paid financial remuneration for his abdication of house chores and child care. The district court where the ruling was given however said she has a point and ordered the man to pay her monthly fee of 2,500 yuan and a one-time settlement of 55,000 for all her house chores for 6 years. 

House chores must be done by both parties - judge 

The judge in question said that though they could only divide tangible assets after a divorce, house chores can't be divided, hence the one-time payment. The ruling abided by the recent civil law which was made this year. The law states that a partner may seek financial severance if they bear more responsibilities in house works. 

This was only possible during a prenuptial assent, however, this was jettisoned after so much consideration. After the job judgment, online media took the case up, with many saying that the 50,000 was a pittance to five years of house chores. Some said the man must do more housework, wondering how the man neglected to do so.