Sony entertainment introduced an enhanced Virtual reality for PlayStation 5

Sony Entertainment has introduced a better version of its VR of PlayStation 5. This improved version will not be ready till mid-2021. 

Sony to Launched enhanced PlayStation 5 VR modifications 

Sony incorporation has said the new generation PlayStation Virtual reality algorithm will show better graphics and put to rest insinuations that its products are inferior. Critics have slammed the tech giant for launching inferior VR systems in its recent launch. However, Sony said the new product is one of their best in years. 

The headset is expected to come with good controllers made by PS5 dual sense software. Early this year, the product has been criticized for many cables and adaptors. However, this new version will operate using a sole connection that promotes smooth play and will be available in stores in 2022.

Sony is yet to say which games it will come with. Games expert Piers Harding told reporters this new release will help Sony to compete favorably with rivals. According to him '' The launching of the first PSVR2 aided the console to compete with Xbox One and other versions is expected to stand side-by-side with Xbox series.

VR promises to match Xbox models 

The tech guru however said Sony should have released a wireless platform. 'Sony is a big firm, I am perplexed because they haven't released a wireless product which will change the games market. According to the forecast, Sony has sold more than 6 million units of its VR unit since it was launched in February 2020.

The problem with this new device is that no new PlayStation 5 genre works with this technology. Gamers can use it for PS4 games with Minecraft. But it must be connected by an adaptor. Game developer Hideaki Nishino says it will take a while for the game to be operational. As there are lots of developments underway.

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