Training program

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Semester 1

From semantics to speech acts in context

E. Rigotti, A. Rocci, S. Greco Morasso
28 February – March 1

The study of reasoning in socio-cultural context

A.-N. Perret-Clermont, A. Iannaccone       
March 9 – 10

Formal and informal logic    

J. Freeman
April 10-13

Pragmatic inference     

L. de Saussure, S. Oswald      
June 4 – 5

Introduction to Argumentation Theory  

F. van Eemeren, B. Garssen   
June 18 – 21

Semester 2

Integrating dialectic and rhetoric in the study of argumentative discourse

F. van Eemeren, B. Garssen   
October 1 - 4

Argument schemes: theory, analysis and evaluation

E. Rigotti, S. Greco Morasso, R. Palmieri
October 17 - 19

Thematic school on Practical reasoning

team E. Rigotti: S. Greco Morasso, R. Palmieri, D. Cerutti
team A. Rocci: G. Dillena, D. Perrin, J. A. Filimon, S. De Ascaniis,M. Zampa
team J. Sąįgua: S. J. Streumer, E. Robertson
team F. H. Van Eemeren: E. Feteris, C. Andone, J. Wagemans
team D. Walton: F. Macagno, H. Prakken, T. Gordon

November 28 - 30

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Semester 3

Decision and knowledge in asymmetric argumentative interactions

P. Riley
February 28 - March 1

Argumentation in the public sphere

G. Goodnight
March 21 - 22

Psychosocial approaches to analyzing interactions in argumentative situations

N. Muller-Mirza, M. Grossen, M. Baker
April 24 - 26

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Semester 4

WORKSHOP: Argumentation, Communication and Context

October 23 - 25, 2013
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

program pdf

Discourse/corpus analysis for studies in argumentation

1st part: Reconstructing enthymemes: the role of implicitness in argumentative discourse

A. Rocci
November 4 - 5

program pdf

2nd part: Problems in the pragma-dialectical reconstruction of conversational argument and complex argumentation

F. Snoeck-Henkemans
November 6 - 7

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Thematic School on knowledge-oriented argumentation

January 22 - 24, 2014
University of Neuchātel, Switzerland

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Argumentation quality in context

Chris Reed and Katharina Budzynska
David Zarefsky
Mark Aakhus

September 17 - 18, 2014
Serpiano, Tessin

Talks outline pdf

Argupolis Final Event

January 14 - 15, 2015

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Workshop on "Bridging qualitative and quantitative perspectives in discourse analysis. Software tools and research strategies"

Mark Aakhus
Michael O'Donnel
Vittorio Cobianchi

March 31 - April 2, 2015

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