American business owners, Trump allies, supports President Biden $1. 9  trillion benefits stimulus

Prominent entrepreneurs support the Biden benefit stimulus package. They advised the  government to do more for health officials and local officials. 

Top firm CEO supports Biden benefit plan 

Top executives of more than 120 American companies have raised their voices to support the President's plan for improved Stimulus approval from congress. In a letter, made available to newsmen the Entrepreneurs have urged the US Congress to quickly pass the package. 

This letter was signed by industry top dogs like David Solomon CEO of Goldman Sachs, Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of black stone, John Stankev Founder AT & T. ''We want to plead with federal lawmakers to ameliorate the health situations and Financial crises by the Covid-19 pandemic '' the letter showed. '' Congress should be quick and act fast to relieve the financial burden the pandemic has brought on Americans. 

Americans believe strongly in the Biden-Harris rescue plan. Even past supporters of ex-President Donald Trump Richie Lefrak and Schwarzman supported the idea. The Biden rescues plan consists of some spending plans, vaccines administration, school reopening, and financial backing for states and local governments.

Democrats keen on pushing plan despite republican reservations 

The Democrats are moving ahead with the bill despite not having huge backing from Republicans who felt it was too expensive and broad.  The business executives took this decision after a round table meeting where they felt the benefits of the rescue plan outweigh any misgivings critics have.

They have also proposed that the plan be extended to include financial aid to schools and health centers all over the country ml. A major thorny issue was about the hike of the minimum wage which was proposed to $15, this has been heavily rejected by at least three Democratic lawmakers who say it is not necessary now.