The doctoral school Argumentation Practices in Context (Argupolis) develops a joint research and training program for PhD students focused on the study of argumentation practices as embedded in different social contexts.

Argupolis aims at providing PhD students with adequate conceptual and methodological tools for developing rigorous and innovative investigations of the specific manners in which argumentation is used in human interaction within different contextual spheres.

Argupolis will create an interdisciplinary network of excellence with regard to argumentation in context, based in Switzerland but strongly connected with the international research community. Within this network, a number of research projects and theses will be developed regarding argumentation in several specific contexts.

In this way, Argupolis found a research tradition by educating a generation of researchers that will intensify research and innovate academic curricula in the area of argumentation theory and applied argumentation.

The Argupolis doctoral program rests on four research institutes responsible for the scientific direction of the program:

- Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics at the University of Lugano
(E. Rigotti, A. Rocci)

- Institute of Psychology and Education at the University of Neuchâtel
(A.-N. Perret-Clermont, A. Iannaccone)

- Institute of Psychology of the University of Lausanne
(M. Grossen, N. Muller Mirza)

- Department of Speech Communication, Argumentation Theory and
Rhetoric of the University of Amsterdam.

(F. H. van Eemeren)